15mm LWS Swing Away Kit (Misfit Kick)


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Configure your Misfit Kick to Swing Away with 15mm LWS support

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Configure your Misfit Kick for swing away, speeding up lens changes and adding support for use with rubber donuts. This kit comes with everything you need for swing away including the Dovetail for the Misfit Kick, Swing Away Core & 15mm LWS Swing Away arm. Using the swing away core, you can slide the matte box forward and easily swing away the matte box using the push button for clear access to the lens without having to remove the matte box completely. When you don't require swing away support, simply use the quick release to remove the matte box. The arm can be adapted to studio supports using the B1235.1003 - 19mm Studio Bracket or B1235.1004 - 5mm Studio Bracket