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Ballast elettronico EB1812P Power Gems


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Ballast elettronico EB1812P Power Gems

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Ballast elettronico EB1812P Power Gems

The EB1812P is a revised design based on our 10kW pluggable power module system.The power components can be exchanged in a few minutes, ensuring your equipment is always ready for use.

The ballast is capable of operating any lamp in the range 6kW through to 18kW and 300Hz operation comes as standard. We also give you autoscan for high speed (1000Hz) shooting. Such versatility means its ready-made for high speed shooting.The power circuits have been designed to tolerate huge voltage fluctuations to keep the product running under the harshest of power supply conditions.The EB1812P is considerably lighter and smaller than any unit currently available on the market.

Additional information

Current Draw


Dmx Built In



442mm/17.4" (without cart)

Input Voltage Range

195-265V AC



Max Ambient Temperature


Max Lamp Power


Output Frequency Options

Silent Mode, 100Hz, 300Hz, 1000Hz (9kW only)

Output Power Options

18kW, 12kW, 9kW, 6kW


42kg/92lb (without cart)



POWER GEMS  produce ballast elettronici per alimentare ogni illuminatore hmi.  Tutti i modelli hanno di serie modalità flicker-free, high-speed e dmx.

I modelli più diffusi in tutti i rental italiani e nel mondo sono EB180P da 575/800/1200/1800W; EB425P da 1200/1800/2500/4000W; EB960P da 2500/4000/6000/9000W e EB181296P da 6000/9000/12000/18000W.

Della serie alimentabile sia a rete che batteria: EB180PD da 200/400/575/1200/1800W.